Fremont Street Theater Company is thrilled to announce our 2013 Production, the critically acclaimed musical, THE DROWSY CHAPERONE; Music and Lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison. Book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar. This Tony Award winning “Musical Within A Comedy” will delight audiences, with great music, great dancing, and laughs for everyone.

Produced by Sandy and Colleen Sandquist - Director: Madeline Franklin -Choreographer: Dina DiCostanzo - Musical Director: Ken McMullen

Performances will be on two weekends, August 9th - 18th at historic Cutting Hall in Palatine, IL. Once again we have assembled our top notch production team from last year’s smash hit ANYTHING GOES: Director Madeline Franklin, Choreographer Dina DiCostanzo and Musical Director Ken McMullen.


The story of THE DROWSY CHAPERONE is told from the perspective of a single man, called "Man in Chair", who is a huge fan of the musicals of the Jazz Age. He tells the story as if he is sharing the plot of a favorite musical with the audience, interjecting little morsels of his own life as he does so. As "Man in Chair" plays songs from the musical production that he so loves, characters appear on the stage to tell the story of Janet Van de Graaff, a glamorous showgirl who has decided to leave the spotlight behind for love. The story is set during the week of her wedding, and examines Janet's decision to exit the glamor of the stage, her oil tycoon fiancé’s adoration of her, and her manager's devastation at her leaving the show, which jeopardizes the continue success of the "Feldzieg's Follies” that he produces. The chaperone's role in the musical is to keep the two starry-eyed lovers from seeing each other on their wedding day, but this tipsy chaperone's love of prohibition alcohol (thus the "drowsy"), and her dalliance with the goofy Latin lover Aldolpho who thinks she is Janet, sidetracks her from her duty. The wedding is jeopardized, called off and then back on, with fun, silly chaos intertwined between the two extremes.